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Celebrate Sukkot


On Sunday, Sept. 27, we kick off the festival of huts that celebrates a bountiful harvest and commemorates the 40 years we wandered in the desert with a congregational Sukkah Hop. The idea is to gather each evening at 5:30 in a different Temple member’s sukkah to take part in the mitzvah of dwelling in the sukkah. Light refreshments will be served each night as we visit with one another and welcome the ushpizin (guests) of Jewish mystical tradition.


Sunday, Sept 27: Sheryl Grana and Jon Stratman. 
Monday Sept 28: Mike  Grossman. 
Tuesday Sept 29: Rabbi David Steinberg.
Wednesday, Sept. 30; Temple Israel, with “pizza in the hut” following the service. (Please contact the synagogue office, at 724-8857, by noon that Wednesday, so we have a head count for pizza.)
Thursday, Oct. 1: Chris and Dan King.
Friday, Oct. 2: Temple Israel, following Shabbat evening service.
Saturday, Oct. 3: Bring the ritual to your own home.



Celebrate Simchat Torah

Dance seven hakafot with the Torahs, then help reroll the scrolls and start our studies over again during Temple Israel’s Simchat Torah celebration. Refreshments (root beer floats) will be offered at 5:00 p.m. followed by the Simchat Torah Hakafot at 5:30 p.m. 


Help Redesign the Sanctuary

Temple Israel is launching an initiative to make our sanctuary more accessible. And it begins with congregants taking a look at some drawings made by member Casey Goldberg showing what the sanctuary might look like if we added a ramp going all the way to the bimah, and created an elevated space for the choir and people attending services in wheelchairs.

Some additional ideas generated when the drawings were shown to the Temple Israel Board are to raise the entire floor of the sanctuary so that it is the same level as in the social hall, put insulation under the sanctuary floor to keep it warmer in the winter, and keep the chairs we have now until we can afford new ones.

We’d like to keep the brainstorming of ideas for a redesigned sanctuary coming. The only firm commitment that has been made is that it’s time for the entire sanctuary to become accessible. So look at the drawings shown here or on display upstairs in the synagogue. Then let board members know what you think.