Here are the meeting dates for Rabbi David's adult education courses for the remainder of the current program year.  For details about each of these classes, please scroll down to the preceding entry in this Adult Education blog.  All classes meet from 7:00 to 8:15 p.m. on the following dates (which are all Wednesday evenings).  If you have questions, please contact Rabbi David Steinberg at 218-724-8857 or by e-mail at

12/12/12 -- Jewish Intellectual History (Cultural Transformation in the Italian Ghetto)

12/19/12 -- Talmud  (We are currently in the middle of page 56b in Masechet Berachot)

12/26/12 - NO CLASS

1/2/13 -- NO CLASS

1/9/13 -- Jewish Intellectual History (17th Century Marranism and Messianism)

1/16/13 -- Talmud

1/23/13 -- Jewish Intellectual History (The Challenge of Baruch Spinoza)

1/30/13 -- Talmud

2/6/13 -- Jewish Intellectual History (Moses Mendelssohn and his Generation)

2/13/13 -- Talmud

2/20/13 -- Jewish Intellectual History (The Science of Judaism)

2/27/13 -- Talmud

3/6/13 -- Jewish Intellectual History (Heinrich Graetz -- Jewish Historian)

3/13/13 -- NO CLASS

3/20/13 -- NO CLASS

3/27/13 -- Talmud

4/3/13 -- Jewish Intellectual History (Abraham Geiger -- The Shaping of Reform Judaism)

4/10/13 -- Talmud

4/17/13 -- Jewish Intellectual History (The Neo-Orthodoxy of Samson Raphael Hirsch)

4/24/13 -- Talmud

5/1/13 -- Jewish Intellectual History (Zecharias Frankel and Conservative Judaism)

5/8/13 -- Talmud

5/15/13 -- NO CLASS

5/22/13 -- Jewish Intellectual History (Samuel David Luzzatto -- Judaism and Atticism)

5/29/13 -- Talmud  (Last Talmud class for this program year). 

6/5/13 -- Jewish Intellectual History (Zionism's Answer to the Jewish Problem) (Last Jewish Intellectual History class for this program year.  God willing, we'll cover the remaining sessions of this course during the 2013-2014 program year including the following topics:  Three Zionist Visions; The Jewish Adventure with Socialism; Hermann Cohen's Religion of Reason; Leo Baeck's Mystery and Commandment; Martin Buber's Religious Existentialism; Martin Buber vs. Franz Rosenzweig; Mordecai Kaplan and American Judaism; Abraham Heschel - Mystic and Social Activist; Theological Responses to the Nazi Holocaust; Feminist Jewish Theology; Current Trends in Jewish Thought)




Posted on December 6, 2012 .