Adult Education Offerings at Temple Israel for 2011-2012/ 5772

I plan to resume teaching adult education classes this fall after the High Holidays.  

(However, Torah Study group continues on Shabbat mornings from 9:15 until 10:00.  Also, Gary Gordon's modern Hebrew classes continue through the summer -- Please check "Temple This Week" or call the Temple office for exact schedule of Gary's modern Hebrew classes.)

For this fall, at the moment I'm leaning towards teaching a beginner aleph-bet course and also leading a Talmud study group focusing on chapter nine (the final chapter) of Masechet Berachot, the tractate in the Talmud that concerns "Blessings."  In the meantime, if you have other suggestions for adult education courses and/or preferences as to when and where such courses should be scheduled, please contact me.

Rabbi David Steinberg

(218) 724-8857



Posted on July 3, 2011 .