Announcing Teaching Team

We hired a great team of Jewish educators to teach our children this year. Please join me in welcoming them.

Religious Studies

Pre-School: Linda Glaser; 1st-2nd Grade: Bogdana Krivogorsky; 3rd-4th Grade: Jeff Wallace; 5th-6th Grade: Susan Rees; Confirmation: Rabbi David Steinberg; Music: Danny Frank; Subs: Chris King, Heather Lassard, Melody Skoglund, Ilana Yokel; Teaching Assistants: Maren Shamblott, Hanna Widdes.

Hebrew Studies

Aleph: Susan Rees; Bet: Tina Alcala Sales; Aleph-Bet Saturday Lab: Tom Buck; Dalet: Andrea Novel Buck; Subs: Andrew Podolsky, Tom Griggs.

School starts Saturday, Sept. 9.

Posted on September 6, 2017 .